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Once in a work, while taking me into a nondescript downtown hotel and at night to eat and drink only boredom kicks in. The sad reality is that those places that is always full of people who do not respond fully to others. Fortunately, I can tell, this was not the case this time. went for the night at the bar to drink a ocuple - more to pass the time than gigagalleries anything else. While he was drinking at the bar, an attractive woman standing next to me and bought me a tonic. (I am a fairly fit looking 33 years - looked around the 40th.. I found out later it was 46). I turned around and offered the advice that was only gin and tonic without reasonable and persuaded them to buy me a gin. as the night gigagalleries progressed, share drinks and cigarettes, and seemed to really get into. Unfortunately, time was called, and still felt the night was still young. Then Sandra suggested buying a half dozen Tonis and shares his bottle of gin... in your room. How could anyone turn, down as a great business ? She gave me her room number and asked for a few minutes. When I arrived, she was in very short satin gown, dress split to the sides and offers magnificent gigagalleries views of tanned and toned thighs. We sat drinking and flirting and Sandra was fishing for compliments about her age. She was here as a real shy and seemed happy to have found attractive. Although much younger than she was stunning and so I told her Sun She said it was less beautiful than before, and stuck at an early age her tits out farther than his feet. That was all I gigagalleries needed... In no time she was naked and under gigagalleries the false pretext, to see if this is still true that I licked and bit at her breasts as she moaned out loud - clearly very sensitive in this area, with large nipples. Then she began to take control, standing on the bed and holding my head between her thighs I licked a shuddering orgasm. With a little forceshe pushed me on the bed, naked in moments and began to return the favor. She gave the world's best blowjob, licking up and down before sucking my cock in your mouth and really work with my tongue... I held on as I do not know, but I did, and within minutes came on board and took my hard drive. She was very aggressive - Festival for all I was worth, and bent to kiss and bite me. It really was the passive here. Once they had arrived ( at least the third time), he hugged and kissed and touched everywhere. She pushed my head between her thighs and I licked and kissed me and I knew I smelled gigagalleries mixed with her ​​juices. gigagalleries It was not long before we were ready for use. This time he entered her from behind. Her ass was wonderfully tight and I find it amazing that she was 46 years old ! We fucked hard - fuck me this time with Sandra and writhes beneath me. The night continued - in all that fucked four times and slept for only two hours. The moral of the story... Given the age and experience of women... if I have another chance with Sandra or another person was at their age, then break them... If you ever read this Sandra... Thank you for the best sex ever.
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Lundi 14 mai 1 14 /05 /Mai 10:06

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